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User Testing

By Amanda Churchill
Sep 12, 2018

Want to know how your audience is using your website in one of the most transparent and real ways?! Do some user testing.

User testing is the act of observing people who fit your audience while they are using your website and/or application to visually see the behaviors they take on your website.

User testing is best when done:

  • In a controlled setting. There are plenty of software applications that record the session and their feedback for future review and reference.
  • With a guide to help your user test. Things like setting up an account, making a purchase, signing up for the newsletter, etc. should be on their checklist to find and test.
  • With a member of your audience that has not been to your website yet. Have a physical store? Ask people who walk in if you can have 15 minutes of their time in exchange for a discount or coupon.
  • On a regular basis. Since you are already making edits regularly through A/B Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization, this should also be on your agencies radar to help with ongoing improvements.

User testing can lead to significant insights that will help enhance the user experience and improve conversions. We highly recommend, especially if you’ve heard rumblings and/or received feedback that users are having difficulty finding something on your website, to perform user testing to get very organic and executable feedback.