MLCworks isn’t an agency that easily fits into a box with words like “advertising” or “digital marketing.” We live in a time when so much of what we do as marketers involves being and thinking outside the box and adapting to change. Because technology and behaviors can change quickly, it’s not an advantage to remain too “boxed” in as a business or an agency.

MLCworks is a place where the analytical and the creative meet to inform strategy. It’s the left brain mixed with the right brain, the data and the intuition, that produces results and drives authentic connections.

The real value of our agency is in our people. What drives results for our clients is not only their skills, but the perspectives and insights that come from lived experiences and gut instincts.

We work hard to ensure our culture cultivates the sharpening of skills and the flowing of ideas. Otherwise, things can get dull fairly quickly in an ever-changing world.

We work to keep pushing the boundaries to find more meaningful results – applying new principles to branding, continuously educating, and evolving the definition of digital marketing. We realize change is constant and adapting to new experiences is always needed. We don’t live in a static world, so the ways in which we work for our clients can’t be static either. MLC is a client-focused agency that truly cares about the welfare and success of its clients.

We honestly care. When our clients are up or down, we feel it too.

– Lauren Lightfoot, Founder of MLCworks

There is a sense of duty to the client here. The client has entrusted us and we value that and want to perform for them and improve their bottom line. ​Under the hood of the digital machine at “MLC,” is a mushy heart that beats with a love for business, and watching businesses grow. We get behind the work we do for clients and rally together for their cause.