eCommerce // AB Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

AB Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

By Amanda Churchill
Sep 12, 2018

Are blue buttons better? Or red? How about using an image versus a video? So many choices! A/B testing is very important to be able to fully optimize your website for your audience and to get them to take the actions on your site (known as conversions) you want them to take.

This step should happen after your website is launched, and after you have a few months of data to use as your baseline. From there, your marketing team should be analyzing the behavior flow of users on the website to look for areas of improvement like:

  • Look at pages that have a high bounce rate and low page per session. If there is plenty of content on the page, then this is a red flag.
  • Look at your top exit pages – if they aren’t the thank you page or confirmation page for a conversion, then need to do some testing and optimizing.

Your agency should be constantly measuring and analyzing data points to determine areas that need to be improved. It’s best to request a monthly (at least quarterly) in-person meeting where you can discuss there analysis and recommendations for A/B testing and conversion rate optimizations.