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Audience Building

By Amanda Churchill
Sep 12, 2018

What should your primary goal in 2019 be? Personalization. And, audience building using your first-party data is one of the best ways to help you personalize your messaging to your customers, i.e. your lowest hanging fruit. Study after study has shown that users crave personalization from businesses – in email, on social, when they are surfing – everywhere!

With technology nowadays, there is no excuse for you not to at least have a custom built audience of your website visitors. Almost every ad manager and marketing tool; Google, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, MailChimp, and much more, allow you to import your first-party data to create audiences within their platform. From there, you can build out campaigns based on location, behavior, frequency and content.

Use your audience for campaign targeting.

Targeting by location is great for personalizing your messaging to drive local results. For example, you can showcase a deal of an item your customer was looking at on your website, but did not purchase. For the creative, you can make an offer that they redeem at X location that happens to be the closest to them.

Targeting by behavior has the most opportunity and range of applications! We use this one the most when developing audiences, and definitely the one (if not all of these) you should ask your agency about creating for you. Some of our favorite audiences to create include:

  • Converted
  • Didn’t convert
  • Spent X amount of time on the website
  • Visited X amount of pages on the website

Targeting by frequency and content are forms of behavior targeting, and are very lucrative when applied to ecommerce websites. Your marketing team should be analyzing the frequency of visits and purchases made by your audience, and segmenting them to offer them either similar product/service recommendations or specials on the items they viewed.