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By Josh Bertrand
Sep 25, 2018

WordPress makes it easy most the time

Web development is a process that doesn’t need to be complicated. I like to use WordPress. The platform just makes sense when you are asking me to take static content and images and code out a beautiful, fully responsive web design from scratch. If I need to add functionality to the site, WordPress has the flexibility to do that too. I must not be alone in this line of thinking, just look at the stats. WordPress’s market share is 59% of all CMS used on the internet. The next closest platform is Joomla at 6.6%1.

For the record, WordPress is not the only platform I work with, I have experience with other ecommerce platforms as well. You can read about those here.

Why I Like WordPress

Imagine being a carpenter and having a magical swiss army knife like tool with tons of different parts you can swap in and out depending on what you need to build that day. That’s the type of tool WordPress is. Regardless of how the content is structured or what the page functionality needs to be, you can figure out a solution. From utilizing WordPress’s Custom Post Types combined Advanced Custom Fields, organizing and managing your content has never been easier.

Not Just a One Trick Pony

As much as we love WordPress, we are just web developers doing web development at the end of the day. So if your build needs another platform that is PHP based or needs Front End Development, lets talk about what we can do.

1 – Yes I Googled a random article to pull this stat, I just needed something to make the point that WordPress is awesome and I’m not the only one that thinks so.