Websites // UX.UI


By Amanda Churchill
Sep 12, 2018

User experience and user interface architecture are two of the most important words to know and understand prior to starting to build your new website. These two words are the core to the success of your website driving engagement, conversion and exploration of the website with your audience.

What are they, you ask?

User Experience (UX) is the internal/psychological experience that a user has when interacting with a product or service. Is it easy to use? Am I finding what I need?

User Interface (UI) is the series of visual elements, such as icons, buttons, screens, etc., that a user interacts with. Is it visually pleasing? Is it too busy? Can you easily click on the buttons on mobile?

Both are equally important to research, test, analyze and optimize ongoing. When you are looking for a marketing partner, make sure to ask them what UX/UI changes to your website they recommend. (Maybe even if they can tell you what both stand for and what the difference between the two is?) Technology is ever-changing and there are ALWAYS improvements that can be made to your website at least every 6 months, if not sooner. It can be things as simple as changing button sizes to be more accomodating for your mobile traffic, or an overhaul of internal pages that takes weeks of analyzing behavior patterns on your website to determine how to help your audience find the information they are seeking faster and easier.

Along with enhancing your UX/UI, you’ll want to also do A/B testing and conversion optimization. When you combine these strategies consistently and effectively, you will have a website your audience loves to visit and that achieves your goals!