Social // Twitter


By Amanda Churchill
Sep 12, 2018

Need a quick response? Or wanting to know the latest and greatest about your favorite brands? Twitter is the place to be! And, it’s popular amongst the younger audiences with 81% of millennials checking their Twitter accounts daily.

Twitter isn’t the most popular social media platform available, but there are certain industries that it is great for from a business standpoint like:

  • Brands w/ customer service needs (insurance, cable/TV, utility, transportation, tourism, law and more)
    • Twitter is the top choice by users for reaching out for customer care
  • Events
  • Film & Entertainment
  • Big Brands across all industries
  • B2B

It’s also more regionally popular in the West and East coasts, but for some niche brands that don’t lie on coasts, it may make sense if it’s customer service related or B2B related.

Because Twitter isn’t for every brand, it’s even more important to have an agency or social media manager that has several years of experience with what content works on Twitter and knows the best practices to help you achieve your goals. When done properly, Twitter can enhance your customer satisfaction, loyalty and leads for your business.