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Legal Marketing


Stay ahead of the curve with these four legal marketing trends. 


SEO blogs havealways been a cornerstone of legal marketing. However, people are increasingly searching for education and entertainment via video content.Tip:Create bite-sized video content that answers client FAQs — and showcases your personality. 

Social Advertising 

Stillrelying on easy-to-recall phone numberson flashy billboards? Try a tactic that offers better audience targeting, meaningful engagement, and trackable results.Tip:Target your ideal clientele in a defined geographical area through social ads. 

OTT Advertising 

Traditional TV often requires a large budget to compete. With people cutting cableand turning to streaming services, OTT advertising is the key.Tip:Target your audience precisely and cost-efficiently by advertising on TV streaming services. 


When people have legal questions, they first go to Google. To stay competitive and showcase your expertise, quality SEO content can bring them to your firm. Tip: Write regular blogs that answer trending legal questions relevant to your practice. 

Some of our work

Huber Thomas Law|| SEO

Increased organic visitors by 113% between 2019 and 2022 through dedicated

technical SEO and content writing 


Main Street Recovery Program | Campaign Development and Management

Captured over 20K small business applicants in 60 days through integrated

outreach efforts and hyper-targeted campaigns 


Christian P. Silva Law Firm | Social Advertising

Drove awareness of the all-Hispanic law firm among 7K+ Spanish speakers in the New Orleans region, increasing the firm’s monthly website visitor average over 6 months  



Some of Our Websites

Yates Law Firm, LLC | Website Design and Copywriting


Binegar Christian, LLC | Website Design and Copywriting


Our Partners

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