MLCworks is migrating web hosting services to our new hosting partner Opalstack. This transition requires an update to your domain settings (DNS) for us to finalize this migration. We need this update to occur no later than Dec 6, 2020.

Update Options

  1. Pass along this message to whoever manages your domain name:
Our website hosting has changes, please update {insertyourdomainname}.com A records to For any questions, please contact joshb@mlcworks.com.
  1. For all GoDaddy & NameCheap customers, you can share your domain access with MLCworks:
  1. Account > Account Settings
  2. Click on “Delegate Access”
  3. Click on “Invite to Access”
    1. Name: MLCworks
    2. Email: joshb@mlcworks.com
    3. Domains Only

  1. Locate domain name in Domain List
  2. Click on “Manage”
  3. Click on “Sharing & Transfer” tab
  4. Add “MLCworks” to Share Access