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SEO & SEM Starts With You

Search Engines are ever-changing. Google especially has changed the way it looks over the years. Those simple sidebar ads have been replaced with local business packs, shopping scrolls, large side-screen knowledge maps, and more.

Google and other search engines are constantly testing and refining their algorithms and display it for one purpose: to get the best information to YOU, the user, when you search for it.

When we analyze the loads of data that Google makes available, we use it to create better ad targeting (search engine marketing, or SEM) and optimized content (search engine optimization, or SEO) that truly serves those readers.

Before we go too much further into our SEO and SEM discussion, it's important that we start with those readers. Sure, it's about data and connecting the best customers with your products. But, beyond that, we also know it's about creating the most seamless and easy-to-use experience for those same searchers.

Order Out of Chaos

Search engines are complex tools that sift through all the content on the world wide web and organize it in a way so that users can find what they need quickly and conveniently. Search engines attempt to create order out of the chaos of information and data on the Internet. 71.33% of readers will visit one of the suggested links on page one. And 67.60% of those clicks are on the first 5 results.

However, 15% of all users click on those paid ads at the top of the page. For every one click on a paid search result, the organic results generate 8.5 clicks.  

So, while our goal has to start with user intent, there are also some great opportunities to meet potential customers through advanced digital advertising techniques with SEM. And, with the right SEO strategist, you can make sure your content is at the top of page one of Google's results.

How MLCworks Does It Better

At MLCworks, we're obsessed with data, and nowhere does it come more in handy than with SEO & SEM campaigns.

Did you know that non-branded terms ranking organically have a 60% click-through rate? SEO is very important in a digital strategy, but it takes time and consistency. This is why SEM is so important during your SEO campaign so that you can be at the top of search results while working on improving your organic rankings.

We know that both SEO (organic and free) and SEM (paid advertising) campaigns are only as good as the website a user ends up at (because remember we're designing a better web experience overall). So, we start there by taking a deep dive into the existing content and structure of your website. Our expert digital strategists provide guidance on ways to optimize your site, so it's search engine friendly and easy to use for the increasing amount of mobile readers.

Then we create a prioritized plan to drive qualified, targeted, and highly-valuable traffic to your website. We make sure that the people who are looking for your products and services can find you before they find your competition.

From there, it's constant improvements and refining. Our team is always researching new ways to show up in those organic search results and refining our methods for advertising to new demographics and devices. Google is always changing, and so are we.

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  • Programmatic & Native Ad Buying
  • IP Targeting & Geo-Fencing
  • Search Engine Retargeting
  • Advanced Behavior Targeting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Retargeting
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