Media Buying

Media Buying:

Be Seen. Be Heard.

Find your customers wherever they are with custom advertising campaigns.

We Don’t Sell At People – We Build Relationships

If you've started a digital advertising campaign, you're already building strong relationships with your customers online. But (thankfully) we don't live all of our lives on the computer or phone. Bringing that relationship past the screen with media buying is the best way to reach the next-level in your advertising campaigns.

An omnichannel approach is the best way to reach the most potential customers, especially locally. We're talking:

  • Outdoor advertisements, including billboards
  • Radio spot commercials
  • Television ads
  • Print advertisements

With average commute times of 25 minutes across the U.S. (with some places reporting as high as 60 minutes) and Americans watching an average of five hours of TV a day, there's a lot of time and opportunity to continue building that relationship with your company.

For example, an article from the Smart Data Collective reported that 58% of drivers "learned something of interest from a billboard." Another 38% of drivers actually stopped at an establishment they say advertised, with 24% of those customers stopping immediately in their commute.

Our Media Buying Experience Pays Off

At MLCworks, we know that media buying is an important part of any advertising campaign. A successful media buyer has strong relationships with local and national media companies and always stays up-to-date on new opportunities.

In addition to securing great media relationships, the MLCworks team is hard at work:

  • Placing media spots for our customers
  • Helping you design highly-effective advertisements that truly impact potential customers
  • Negotiating for the most competitive rates

Our media buyers have been buying traditional forms of media like TV, radio, and outdoor ads for years. As a team, we're laser-focused on providing the right advertising tactics at the best-negotiated rates to achieve your business objectives.

Best Of Both Worlds: Digital Media Buying

With the evolution of the communications business, our buyers have become more experienced than ever in digital media buying. As a marriage between our other digital advertising efforts (like social and SEM) and traditional ads, digital ads can allow you to effectively reach an entirely new level of customers.

At MLCworks, we know that it is truly our business to know when a new technology or platform has reached a critical level of penetration and is right for our clients.

We'll work closely with you to create an advertising campaign—whether traditional, digital, or both—that's matched to your business objectives and targeted to your best customers.

  • Print
  • TV
  • Outdoor
  • Digital advertising
  • Radio


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