Email Marketing

Email Marketing:

Make your space in their inbox

Emails provide one of the best ROIs for your digital marketing efforts. Seriously.

You've Got Mail

You wake up and, if you're anything like us, the first thing you reach for is your phone. And through bleary eyes (hopefully with a mug of coffee in hand), what's the first thing you check?

Your emails. Of course.

(Or dog photos on Facebook. Or emails with dog photos.)

Even though large commercial email providers like Hotmail started popping up in 1996 (we'll note, over 20 years ago now!), emails continue to form the foundation for how we connect online. Our inboxes are surprisingly intimate in a world of shiny ads. It's where we browse through sales from the brands and organizations we love, see photos from our friend's recent trip, and get updates on our latest work projects.

All on one window on one screen (mostly mobile, as we'll get to shortly).

As a retail brand or service company, email marketing is one of the best places to reach your customers. Here's why.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

Since we're stat-fiends, we pulled together some eye-opening numbers:

  • Gmail alone has one billion active users and across all email networks that number jumps to three billion users
  • Email marketing is easy, fast, and affordable (just like our favorite foods!); for every $1 spent, it returns an average $38 in ROI
  • You forgot something: email notifications about abandoned carts have up to a 40.5% open rate so you don't lose the sale

Email marketing gets you exclusive access to your customer's inbox—some of the lowest hanging fruit and one of the best places to build a relationship and drive sales.

How MLCworks Does It Better

Did you know that 55% of all emails are opened first on a mobile device? Of these, 80% are opened up on iOS. That means you need an email marketing campaign that puts mobile (especially iOS) first. Eye-catching, concise, and easy to read messages are a must. But, more than that, those emails have to be relevant and useful for your potential customers.

We're mobile aficionados at MLCworks and we bring that knowledge to every email marketing campaign we manage. Our campaign strategies are driven by years of dedicated experience and practice. We'll work closely with you to set up your account and put together a plan, or audit the strategy you're already using.  

From there, we're creating custom reader segments and retargeting email blasts to your most valuable customers. Our work is constant—always monitoring, tweaking, and refining our strategy to create the most value for your brand and your readers.

We're an email marketing agency that works with all types of organizations, but we excel at creating a steady stream of traffic and sales for your retail brand.

  • Audit, Analysis and Account Setup
  • Custom Email Design
  • Template Strategy And Management
  • Custom Segments Analysis & Development
  • Email Retargeting Automation
  • eCommerce Email Setup And Strategy


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