Content Marketing

Content Marketing:

Let’s Meet Your Customers.

From blogs to videos to infographics to email, we’ve got you covered with full-business content marketing strategies.

Content Is King And Queen (And Probably Some Knights Too)

Check this: three to five billion searches are taking place on Google every. single. day.

And those people are asking important questions. Where can they buy a gift for their parent's wedding anniversary? How long should they wait before going to the doctor? How can they quit their job and start their dream business? (Tequila-tasting company around here, obviously.)

As a business owner, you have an important opportunity to reach these people exactly where they are. Great web content shows that you're an authority on the products and services you provide. It tells the story of who and what your company does, on the website that's uniquely your own.

Businesses who aren't harnessing the power of content marketing are doing themselves, and those millions of searchers, a major disservice by not sharing the wealth of information they know.

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing?

Ready for some stats? (You better believe we always are.)

  • Content marketing costs 62% less on average than outbound marketing efforts, while generating three times as many leads
  • Those who adopt content marketing have conversion rates that are nearly six times higher than their non-adopting competitors
  • Email content copywriting is where it's at: for every $1 spent, it gives back an average $38 in ROI

Content marketing is one of the best ways to drive consistent, continued growth for your business over time.

Why MLCworks Does It Better

Unfortunately, words on a screen don't make for a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Driving true website traffic and growth starts with data.

Thankfully, we're more than a little fond of data here at MLCworks.

Our content marketing campaigns are based on industry-leading growth strategies. We integrate your business focus and goals with:

  • Industry research
  • Maximizing underrepresented market opportunities
  • In-depth keyword mapping and prioritization
  • SEO and SEM analysis
  • Strategy development that incorporates multiple outreach channels, including web content, emails, blogs, white papers, and infographics
  • Integration with your overall graphic design and web development strategies
  • Monthly reporting and constant optimization

Our end goal is a well-worded turn of phrase on the screen that entices customers to call or click.

  • Website Content Copywriting
  • Email Content Copywriting
  • Blog Content Copywriting
  • White Paper Copywriting
  • Infographic Copywriting


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